NF Europe

European Neurofibromatosis Association


Social and Scientific aims of the European NF Association
  • Encouraging and supporting medical research on neurofibromatosis..
  • Central processing of information on such research and disseminating this to the NF Patients Groups.
  • Promoting and improving contacts between practitioners concerned with neurofibromatosis and improving the exchange of information on such matters
  • Investigating social, political and cultural matters connected with the welfare of people affected by neurofibromatosis, as well as promoting and improving the exchange of information on such matters.
  • Promoting cooperation on an international level between national associations for people affected by neurofibromatosis.
  • Promoting integration of people affected by neurofibromatosis, developing activities for this purpose and encouraging our disabled members to participate.
  • Cooperating with or being member of other national and international organizations and institutions that have the objective of furthering the welfare of individuals affected by any physical disability, and those suffering of a neurological or genetic disorder.
  • Gathering funds and collecting, managing, using and distributing contributions, legacies and donations or the yields there from, for the purpose of stimulating and promoting both medical research into neurofibromatosis, and the welfare of people affected.

Mutual goals of the member associations of NF Europe
  • Provide clear and correct information.
  • Offer support to affected families.
  • Develop activities to increase quality of life for families affected.
  • Organize public awareness campaigns all over Europe.
  • Provide help and support for new groups, or groups in formal and Eastern European countries.
  • Encourage scientific research that might lead to a cure.
  • Organize activities for fund raising to be able to realize all those goals.

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